University Centre for Victorian and Edwardian Studies (CUSVE)

CUSVE unich

The University Centre for Victorian and Edwardian Studies (CUVSVE) was founded by Professor Francesco Marroni at the “Gabriele d’Annunzio” University of Chieti-Pescara in 1993. As a research centre, it is currently part of the Department of Humanities, Arts and Social Science (DiLASS) of the University of Chieti - Pescara. The Director is Professor Anna Enrichetta Soccio, who was elected in 2020.



The Centre fosters research in the field of Victorian and Edwardian studies. To this end, it promotes the acquisition and conservation of texts, documents, and other materials that can actively contribute to the advancement of knowledge.

The Centre shall encourage investigation in the fields of a) language and literature, b) history and society, c) visual arts, d) performing arts, and e) multimedia studies. Moreover, the Centre edits and publishes RSV: Rivista di Studi Vittoriani, a biannual journal collecting and disseminating the research activity of the CUSVE members, including bibliographical updates on Victorian and Edwardian writers and works.

In furtherance of the said aims, the center may

  • collect primary and critical texts;
  • circulate results and new knowledge;
  • organise and support conferences, seminars, workshops and other such events that agree with the aims of the centre;
  • review relevant works, texts, and studies;
  • create an iconographic archive.


Officers and Boards
  • Director, Professor Anna Enrichetta Socci
  • President of the Academic Board, Professor Francesco Marroni, who also acts as Honorary President
  • Academic Board: Professor Raffaella Antinucci, Professor Elisa Bizzotto, Professor Tania Zulli
  • CUSVE Members



The CUSVE Council consists of the CUSVE Director and the CUSVE Members. Membership may be conferred to Italian and international scholars who have actively worked in the field of Victorian and Edwardian Studies. 

New membership requests shall be addressed to the Committee, who will evaluate them. Membership shall be renewed yearly.

Honorary Membership may be conferred to scholars with a distinguished, excellent research record in the field of Victorian and Edwardian studies.